Standard Malaysian And Singapore Rubber Prices Live



Standard Malaysian rubber prices live instant price list. The most up to date rubber prices for all grades of rubber.

Malaysian Rubber Exchange Online Live Price List Today ( ) US Cents/Kg USD

Product Detail Name Code / Prices Cost
SMR 10 (Standard Malaysian Rubber Dirty 10)   USD
SMR 20 (Standard Malaysian Rubber Dirty 20)   USD
SMR 5 (Standard Malaysian Rubber 5)   USD
SMR CV (Standard Malaysian Rubber Constant Viscosity 60)   USD
SMR GP (Standard Malaysian Rubber General Purposes)   USD
SMR L (Standard Malaysian Rubber Light-colored)   USD


Singapore Rubber Prices Daily Price Chart


Product Detail Name Code / Prices Cost
RSS3 (Grade A)

USD / Per Kg

Mixed RSS1/RSS3 (Grade D)

USD / Per Kg


USD / Per Kg



Technically Specified Rubber (TSR)

Technically specified rubber (TSR) is a rubber compound that is manufactured to exact specifications to meet a particular application. It is designed for use in a wide range of industrial and automotive applications, such as seals, gaskets, diaphragms, hoses and other rubber components. TSR is usually made from natural or synthetic rubber, or a combination of both, and can be compounded with reinforcing or nonreinforcing fillers, such as carbon black, silica and other additives to improve its properties.

The exact composition of the rubber compound is determined by the application and its mechanical and physical requirements, such as temperature range, tensile strength and tear resistance.


Ribbed Smoked Sheet (RSS)

Ribbed smoked sheet (RSS) is a type of processed, cured and smoked pork product. It is made from the belly of a pig and is typically used as a sandwich meat or in prepared dishes. The meat is cured with a combination of salt and other seasonings, then smoked, and finally processed in a ribbing machine to create a layer of small ridges. This process gives the meat a unique texture and flavor. Ribbed smoked sheet is a popular food product in many parts of the world, and it can be found in a variety of shapes, sizes and flavors.

Commodity Price Carbon Black


About Malaysian Rubber Varieties?

Malaysia produces a variety of rubber varieties, including Natural Rubber (NR), Synthetic Rubber (SR), and Reclaimed Rubber (RR). Natural rubber is obtained from the latex of rubber trees, while synthetic rubber is produced from petroleumbased sources. Reclaimed rubber is rubber that has been recycled from scrap rubber products. Malaysia is the world‘s largest producer of natural rubber and is a major supplier to the global rubber industry. In addition to natural rubber, Malaysia also produces a range of specialty rubbers such as epoxidized NR (ENR), halogenated NR (HNR), and nitrile rubber (NBR).


Malaysian Rubber Board (MRB)

The Malaysian Rubber Board (MRB) is a statutory body established in 1974 under the Malaysian Rubber Board Act. It is an agency under the Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities and is responsible for the development and promotion of the rubber industry in Malaysia. The Board provides services, such as research and development, marketing, quality control, and technical advice, to the industry. It also administers the rubber industry in Malaysia, including the rubber plantation, processing and manufacturing sectors. The Board also provides support and assistance to smallholders to ensure the sustainability of the industry.


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